• “Truly a remarkable person, Mr. Janis pursues his passion through performing, composing and the advancement of music therapy.”
    —Charles P Melone, Jr. M.D
  • "…Byron Janis plays Chopin with an interior quality that pierces the heart…blinding with truth for those who can see the invisible…A Chopin where you will be forever changed."
    —LeMonde de la Musique, December 1996
  • " he has achieved a leval of excellence hardly excelled by Horowitz himself . Both men reached the summit of technical perfection. Janis has - in addition- his own kind of chiseled fire and dazzling command of every note he touches."
    —Philadelphia Bulletin
  • "This genial interpreter takes us away.... far, very far, in this mysterious universe, where music takes on its pure dimensions! If there is a pianist that merits being called a "magician", it is surely Byron Janis."
    —Figaro, (Paris)
  • "You don’t want to be a second Horowitz. You want to be a first Janis."
    —Vladimir Horowitz
  • "Byron Janis has been responsible for some of the most memorable pianism this reviewer has ever experienced."
    —John Von Rhein, Chicago Tribune
  • "In the ripe old age of 85, I think we have to keep the child in us because we're always looking for something new and exciting, never become jaded."

Byron’s 86th Birthday

This year Byron Janis celebrates his 86th birthday with milestone events and appearances. Byron continues to fill the world with inspiration through his spirit and musical masterpieces. Byron Janis is a true living legend; a symbol of persistence, honor and dedication. We wish you all the best on this monumental occasion.

In celebration of his 86th Birthday, Byron Janis will take part in a special five-day series of inaugural events celebrating the opening of the new state-of-the-art Natalie L. Haslam Music Center at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. All are invited to register for Byron Janis’s series of master classes, lectures, discussions, video presentations, Q&A sessions, and more. Visit the following link for more information: http://www.music.utk.edu/janis/

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